Sure Fire Ways to Find The Best Priced Auto Insurance


Most states now legally require that drivers purchase a basic auto insurance policy. While this is an important step in ensuring that all drivers are protected, purchasing these policies can be costly for many drivers, not to mention time-consuming. By following our tips below and taking a moment to request a quote from our website, it is possible to save both time and money.

Shop Around

The first thing individuals should do when shopping around for cheap auto insurance is explored their options. Different insurance companies will offer different incentives for new customers, and each company also calculates the statistical risk of accidents for drivers a bit differently. Because of this, the quotes for car insurance premiums can vary widely; therefore, drivers should make sure to compare quotes from a number of different car insurance companies, which can be done for free right here on our website.

Opt for a Higher Deductible

Another way to make sure to get cheap auto insurance is to choose a higher policy deductible. The deductible is the amount of money a driver is required to pay out of pocket in the event of an accident before the insurance company will pay for any damages. As an incentive for agreeing to a higher deductible, an insurance company will often lower an insurance premium, since they know they will lose less money if an accident should occur. Additionally, if an individual maintains a safe driving record, he or she can save money on insurance payments and avoid the deductible altogether.

Look for Discounts

Once a driver settles on a particular insurance company, there are a number of ways to lower insurance rates. For example, while premiums generally increase if teenage drivers are included on a policy, most insurance companies offer discounts if those teens maintain a clean driving record and a high-grade point average. Additionally, families can also get cheap auto insurance if they include multiple cars on a single policy. Companies will also discount insurance premiums over time for loyal customers who do not file any claims for an extended period of time.


Know Your Car’s Worth

Drivers can also find cheap auto insurance by calculating the overall value of their vehicles, in order to make sure they are not overpaying for insurance. In other words, if an individual owns an older car with high mileage, he or she should make sure that the insurance policy isn’t worth more than the car itself. Drivers of older vehicles might be able to forego some of the more comprehensive coverage plans available and opt for the minimum state insurance requirements instead.

Consult Other Insurance Policies

Many drivers are not aware that their health insurance policies offer coverage that actually overlaps with their car insurance policies. As a result, many individuals end up paying for the same protection twice. To get cheap auto insurance, drivers should check to see if their health insurance offers personal injury protection: if so, they can forego this option on their auto insurance policy. Additionally, if drivers are members of AAA or a similar organization, they will already have purchased roadside assistance insurance, and can also opt-out of this option on their car insurance policy.

Minimize Miles

When asked to provide an insurance quote, many auto insurance companies will ask potential customers how often and how far they drive each day, week, month, or year. This information is requested in order to gauge the overall risk of a driver becoming involved in an accident: statistical research suggests that the more miles an individual drives, the higher the risk. With this in mind, another way to get cheap auto insurance is simply to reduce overall mileage. If drivers plan to drive only when absolutely necessary and indicate as much to insurance companies, their premiums will likely drop.

Maintain a Good Credit Score

Some car insurance companies will check a customer’s credit rating in order to determine the insurance premium. While a lower credit score will not always result in a higher insurance payment, low ratings may increase insurance costs if they have arisen from previous defaults on other insurance policies (this contributes to an individual’s “insurance score”). Car insurance companies want to be reassured that customers will pay their monthly or quarterly premium payments on time, and will generally offer better rates to those who have proven their ability to do so in the past.


Research Insurance Online

Shopping around for insurance policies online is another way individuals can find cheap auto insurance. This is one of the most efficient ways for drivers to locate the most affordable policies, as they can quickly compare rates, quotes, and incentives across different companies. Many insurance companies also offer potential customers the option of comparing in-house insurance rates on their websites according to deductibles, the make and model of a car, and driver information. This allows individuals to “try on” different policies free of charge before reaching a final decision.

Purchase a Safe Vehicle

Auto insurance companies look more favorably on some cars than on others when determining accident risk. Cars with safety features like airbags, built-in security systems (like OnStar), and anti-lock brakes demonstrate a considerably lower risk to insurance companies, as these features diminish the potential severity of damage to drivers, passengers, and the vehicle itself in an accident. Drivers seeking cheap auto insurance while also looking to purchase a car should make sure all vehicles under consideration have received a five-star safety rating from testing groups like the NHTSA.

More Auto Insurance Savings

In addition to the aforementioned tips for finding cheap auto insurance, drivers should also factor in their payment plans, as this too can incur additional costs. For instance, paying insurance premiums once or twice a year will likely save drivers a significant amount of money over time, since companies often charge more for monthly or quarterly plans. Many companies also waive fees if customers opt to have their payments automatically deducted from a bank account.

Comparing car insurance quotes online is one of the fastest and most convenient ways to find cheap auto insurance. There is no obligation to accept, and it only takes a minute to see just how much you can save on your next car insurance policy. While checking for a quote, also remember to make the most of these tips above to save even more money.